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I spent a couple of days of my holiday in Vienna this year, an amazing city that transpires culture and history. Even if I've seen them before, I took another tour of their great buildings, but I followed something in particular this time. I went for details, coat of arms imprints and insignia of the great Austrian empire. I found them to be a great inspiring resource, bringing up a wealth of craftsmanship and heritage.

Please enjoy the forth part of "Car Brands" listings.

Hi and welcome to the third part of "Car Brands" listings.

Even if we've had a massive amount of great logo design posted on the Logo Mix Gallery this month, even if we've got a headache trying to sort out the top ten out of probably thirty great logos that were as good as our final picks, even if we considered expanding the top selection (in the end we decided not to do it) to incorporate more logo designs, the logo of the month of August 2011 detached itself easily, and there were no dubs about it. Check out our monthly top selection and get inspired!

I went out to see "Cowboys and Aliens" movie last weekend and, as expected, apart from the trailer scenes and a few other flying and fighting scenes, the movie was rubbish. But, when you have Indiana Jones, James Bond and Dr. House's assistant costarring together you've got to see that movie. Anyway, there were some pretty cool flying scenes in there that I really enjoyed so I thought to honor that by putting together a nice flying objects logo design collection. I was sure that rockets and airplanes inspired designers to create something cool and, as you'll see, I wasn't wrong at all. I was over 30 y.o. when I got to fly via airplane for the first time and, apart from a few hick-ups,  I must admit I enjoyed it very much. Its a cool sensation to get against gravity with a huge and heavy object and a hundred other people. And the scenery and landscapes were absolutely magnificent. But enough of that, let's start our week with a very cool selection of flying objects logo designs, planes and rockets logos that were meant to explore the universe and go beyond the sky of logo design.

Hi and welcome to the second part of "Car Brands" listings.

Even if the hand drawing is not my strong asset, when designing a logo, before starting up Illustrator, I still use a pen to scribble something on a piece of paper… a sketch, couple of lines, rough ideas for a layout… they all take shape first by using a pen on a piece of paper. Even if technology got in our way, we still need that ancient contact between the pen and the paper to spiel the ideas out of our heads. A pen and a sketch notebook are essential to any designer. To pay tribute to the essential tools we use everyday, we present you a selection of beautiful writing tools logo designs. Pens, paper, pencils, crayons... they all make our life as logo designers easier each day. Check out this cool collection of writing tools logo designs.