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Welcome to the eighth part of "Team Sports Equipment Logos".

There's royalty and royalty. Royalty by blood, that means you were born with a certain pedigree and most of all, that you were born with the opportunities that come with the title; and there's royalty by nature that means trying to elevate yourself, create and grab opportunities that were not given to you by rank. When it comes to logo design, "royalty" becomes an adjective, a characteristic that stands for highest class, exquisite taste and perfection, top of the line and trend setting. Check out this selection of amazing royal logo designs that try to give a noble rank to the brands they represent.

Welcome to the seventh part of "Team Sports Equipment Logos".

My wife keeps a cooking blog and she's asked me to design a logo for her. Now I must admit it's been a while since she asked, but I finally got to start working on it. I start every project with a research to see what's out there, not only to get inspired, but also to be able to differentiate. Looking around for interesting cooking logos, I ended up with this cool collection of cooking logo designs, that I decided to share with you. I'll keep you posted as I go on with the process, but for now, check out this amazing cooking and food logo designs.

It is time to take a break. Turn off your computer and your cell phone, sink into that comfy chair, put your feet up on the table and have a sip. Red, white or rose, a glass of good wine is always nice after a long day. Not sure how wine works on creativity, but creativity always works nice on wine labels, as designers seem to be inspired to create amazing wine related logo designs. Check out this grand collection of beautifully designed wine logo designs.

Welcome to another week of Team Sports Equipment Logos.

From the very beginning of mankind humans tried to leave their mark wherever they lived. Even today we have the famous cave paintings and ancient sculptures made some thousands of years ago. Everywhere we go we feel the need to somehow say "I was here." There is a certain style to this scribblings, some sort of sketchy, doodle style that all of them share. This style seems to work fine in logo design today. It is that type of creative, but with sort of a studied negligence to it, almost childish way of drawing. It is playful and fun but in the same time can work very well in conveying a certain message. The doodle logos are mostly monochromatic, but are surprisingly well used to brand a diversity of business types.  Here are some cool logos done in this sketchy doodle style that are fun and inspiring. Check them out!