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We've had some cool logos posted here on The Logo Mix logo design gallery in the month of October 2011, out of which we've selected a handsome top ten. It was a close race and the winner detached itself based solely on a great idea. Check out the monthly top ten best logo designs and leave a congrats message for the winners.

Please enjoy the eighth part of "Car Brands" listings.

You've got to love the fall! Absolute beautiful landscapes, lots of colorful celebrations, dimmed out sunshine for perfect getaways in the nature… a real treat!  Beyond everything we've got the pumpkin as a real symbol of the fall… carved pumpkins for Halloween, pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving… you name it! To celebrate the fall we've gathered some cool pumpkin logo designs and beautiful illustrations to go along with them. Check them out and get inspired!

I'm thinking doughnuts... yummy! But a post about doughnut logo designs? Really? Well, you're in for a surprize as I've discovered some really creative "doughnuts" here. I'm just thinking that we had a doughnut as the logo of the month in September, so there's your extra reason. Check out this cool selection of doughnut logo designs and discover creative styles and unexprected approaches and functionality for something that you thought was just for eating. Savour these!

We're up and running again with the thematic logo design selections, which are intended to be a creative and inspirational resource for a certain category of logo designs. With these selections we're trying to approach a certain niche of logos looking at it from different creative angles, from the way different designers approached the subject to the design solutions proposed and implemented with these logos. Today it is time for beautiful and creative fish logo designs, a category of logo designs that apply to a diversity of industries using huge resources of creative interpretation and solutions. Beyond the functionality, notice the diverse stylistic interpretation, the playful concepts and the imprint of the logo designer's personality on the final outcome. Take a look at this cool selection of fish logo designs and get inspired.

Please enjoy the seventh part of "Car Brands" listings.

We had a good run again in September here at The Logo Mix, with loads of cool submissions and a tough time deciding the top ten. It was a close race and I feel that any of the logos in the top five could have made it to the logo of the month. But somehow we had to decide on a ranking. Enjoy the selection and leave a praise for the winners.