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Welcome to the fifth part of "Team Sports Equipment Logos".

They all have weapons and they all fight with passion for what they believe in. Even if its a real fight or a fight in the kitchen or the design studio they all can be called warriors in a way or the other. When it comes to passion and ideals designers often choose to use the image of a warrior to express these attributes and characteristics. Check out this cool selection of warriors logo design that start with fighters on the field and end with cook captains and design bruisers.

We live on a mobile trend that accentuates on a daily basis. Office work tends to move more and more online because of our need for freedom and constant movement. We all dream of working sitting on a rocking chair and sipping pina colada, tapping on our mobile phone. We dedicate this post to this dream of ours. Check out these cool logo designs made for mobile companies, the ones that fuel our freedom and mobility dream.

We love celebrations here at the Logo Mix, especially if they give us a reason for another cool logo design blogpost. The entire US population is celebrating their national day, and as it seems many others are celebrating with them. All those that have friends and family there, wish them all the best and a heartfelt "Happy Birthday". To mark the celebration day of a great nation, we made a selection of genuine american logo designs, completed by some special 4th of july logos. "Happy Birthday" Americans!

Welcome to the forth part of "Team Sports Equipment Logos".

A very though selection for the logo of the month in june 2011 here at the Logo Mix. Lots of great logos posted in the gallery this month, which made it hard to select the top ten. But the fact that none of the logos detatched itself as a winner it was even harder to select the logo of the month. These said, I think most of the logos in the top ten could have made it as the logo of the month, but the winner detached itself through the fact that there's something special about it, something that draws the eye and makes it memorable. Check out the selection, I'm sure you'll find it inspiring.

Electronic Arts is one of the most important games distributor. Below you can enjoy the logos of some of their games.