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For our midweek logo selection we prepared a very cool collection of dog logo designs. Varying from cute to fears, from natural looking to bionic or toyish, you'll find a great variety of dog logo designs concepts and styles. Now everyone knows that the dog is considered the man's best friend, a symbol for loyalty, playfulness and friendship. But in the same time a dog logo concept could explore more than that, developing the idea of care, training or pathfinder. Check out this cool selection of dog logo design and get inspired to maybe design you own pet logo design.

With the release of Cars 2, I thought to my self that I should do a Car Brands listing series.

I was truly surprised by the multitude and variety of bird logo designs out there. I was expecting it to be a rich subject and to find a diversity of bird logo designs, but it seems that almost every logo designer has tried his hand and creativity with a bird logo in a way or another. In today's logo selection you'll also notice a great variety of styles and techniques applied, which can be only inspiring. The truth is we have a huge amount of famous birds out there… starting with the Phoenix bird that raised out of her own ashes, the mighty eagle that flies the American nation, the parrot which is the symbol of the Maya culture, the hen which is on every box of eggs, the chick (no comment here), the hawk with his amazing eye sight, the owl with its wisdom, the doves, well known as the love birds, and the list could go on and on… and of course, how could I forget the little bird that tweets on our screens continuously. Instead of continuing to list them here, I'll let you observe them in their natural logo design habitat, as some very talented logo designers displayed them. Check out this extensive selection of very cool bird logo designs!

We have some hot and spicy logo selection ready to inspire you today. Looking into chili and pepper logo designs I've found a surprisingly large diversity in the way this small and hot thing is used as a design element. From restaurants to design and street wear you'll find the chili used in the most creative way to express something edgy, powerful, with great impact. Check out this hot selection of super creative chili logo designs.

Welcome to the last part of "Team Sports Equipment Logos".

Hope you enjoyed this series.

We'll end this week with an amazing selection of portrait logo designs. I think you need to be a very accomplished designer to be able to pull this off the right way. It's about creating expression, posture and feel and, as we're talking logo design, beyond everything, I think it is important  to carefully select the right amount of details. In today's logo designs you'll see a full range of portrait logos varying from simple to most complex, from few lines portraits to intricate and minutely detailed art works. Check out these awesome portrait logo designs and get inspired!

We've seen great logo designs this month at The LogoMix, we've witnessed amazing creativity and inspiring work. However, there have been a couple of logo designers that marked the month of July 2011 here at The LogoMix with their outstanding work. For the past few months they constantly had at least one logo listed in our Logo of the month selections. This month they inspired us with great designs, from which we selected two logo designs to be listed in out top ten. One of those logos made it to the Logo of the month in July 2011. Congrats L&B, and thanks for all your contribution to this gallery! Check out the top selection of last month's best logo designs.