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Choosing the right typeface for your logo design project can either make it or break it. It is that crucial to nail down the wordmark. Correct me if I'm wrong, but sometimes you need to peruse through hundreds of fonts, until you find the perfect one, the one that adds value to your design, the one that makes it shine. To give you a bit of help with that, here is a selection of very cool free fonts, handpicked for your next logo design project. Check them out and you might find the perfect suit for your logo.

Cycling logos is another cool selection of themed logo designs, cooked up by The Logo Mix to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. It's spring… sunny rays of worm light and soft wind are waiting for you to get out and cycle… using your two feet or a motor… doesn't really matter… the important thing is to get on two wheels and be gone with the wind. That's the core story with most of the logo designs in our selection today. Check out this selection of awesome cycling logo design, get inspired and give a thumb up for the great artists who created them.

With the spring just around the corner, it's been an inspired time for logo designers and a lot of beautiful logo design works has been posted to The Logo Mix gallery this month. You can imagine that this has made our task of selecting the top ten a lot harder… We don't complain though, but invite you, the awesome logo designers, to post even more outstanding logo designs in the future and make our task even harder. Check out these great logo designs that made it to the top ten logo designs in the month of March 2012 and leave a word of praise for the inspired designers.

A timeless logo design may last for a decade, maybe two, or until a new board of directors comes in command, then it becomes dated and the identity needs an upgrade or a radical change. The logo design may still be beautiful, but the it needs to adapt to current times, markets and target groups. How many times, though, have you seen logo design upgrades, identity changes, rebranding programs that didn't work as well as expected and by the time the new identity was in place you already missed the old and beautiful logo? How many times new logo design or redesign seemed crapy, compared to the timeless good old logo that you knew and loved?

This blog post was inspired by Jeff Hughes, who suggested that it would be fun to take a look at identity upgrade programs and see if they are better or not. So that's what we're doing with this series of blog posts, and we need you to express your opinion. The big question is: Do you think the AFTER is better than the BEFORE? Do yo think the newer logos work better than the older ones or not? Take a look at the proposed logos and leave your comment!

It is well known that most of the things we really learn come from our own experience, after banging our own head against the issues that come our way. It is preferable, though, and less painful, to learn from the experience of others. The tips presented below are learned the hard way, at my own expense and hopefully they will help someone in some way. Working your way through logo design projects, you've probably come to similar conclusions, or maybe some other great tips that may help others, thus you're invited to leave a comment and share the things you've learned out of your own expertise.

All my favorite ladies are here… Primadonna, Aphrodite and the Mermaid came back from ancient history… Anna's here, as if pasted from a russian vintage novel… Lady Teepee came from the far west, while the Geisha is here to represent far east. Lady Rose sits in a corner chatting with Lady Peppermill, while Juliana prepares herself for a walk. All the good Ladies are here, so check out this amazing collection of female figure logo designs, that will blow you away through creativity and elegance. The styles are so awesome that, even if in some cultures it is considered inappropriate, you'll find yourself staring and admiring the perfect lines and colors of these beautiful ladies logo designs. Don't forget to leave a nice comment for the incredible designers.

After a long and snowy winter, with turns and returns, I think its only fair to say that spring is here. We have a saying that goes something like…"A blossoming flower doesn't bring back spring!" but how about fifteen flower logo designs? Well, anything, that brings the sun back up on the sky and warms the weather, works for me. And, as long as I feel spring on my monitor, I should be happy enough. This weekend we bring you a very nice spring flowery logo design selection to bright up your days and inspire your work. Check it out and give a thumb up for the talented logo designers!