15 awesome hair care logo designs

People are unique in so many different ways. From the way they talk, walk and work, people are one of a kind. Businesses are the same. It doesn't matter if there are a dozen other businesses that do the same thing, each company will have a slightly different take on what it means to do a certain thing.

Let's take hair care or hairstyling businesses. They all do basically the same thing, however, each company has their own following and the people who work there do things in a way that their customers appreciate.

When logo designers create a logo, they try to capture some of the unique aspects of a certain business. When they work with a client, if they ask the right questions they will be able to discover what makes that business unique, and that will enable them to create a unique logo design that capture the essence of that business.

It always amazes me how pre made logos manage to capture a lot of these essentials. The logo designers that do these pre made logos have no access to a client and they usually make up for that with research and common sense.

I was curious to see, if I can find a decent amount of unique and high quality logos that are pre-made but capture the idea of hair care very well.

To my surprise, a simple search on Strong Logos got me a few pages of logos. I have selected the best 15 and included here.

Enjoy this fine selection of hair care logos.
Aqua Bela


Beauty Salon

Mother Nature

Life Shades

Hair and Makeup

Preety Girl

Look Young

Beauty Place


Woodland Barber


Nature Beauty

Fire Hair