Viable options for buying a logo design

One of the advantages of getting a ready made logo is that you can quickly decide if you like the logo or not. When you buy a custom made logo design, chances are that the process is tedious, unsure and requires quite a bit of involvement. The results are, granted, very good, if the logo designer is capable, patient and knows what he's doing.

The budget for a custom made logo is also a thing to consider. If you want a quality logo, you will have to prepare to be set back with at least $500 and if your standards are higher than the average business on the internet, you will want to bump up your budget significantly to make sure a positive return on your investment.

I agree that ready made logo designs are not for everybody, but in most cases, if you want to quickly test a business idea, or you're on a very limited budget, that might be the ideal route to go for your corporate identity needs.

One problem with ready made logos is making sure the seller is trustworthy. If you have no budget, you may be OK with other people using the same logo and only pay for it (it's also called a logo template) between $50 - $99. Not having a unique logo though, may not be an option for you (and I don't blame you).

Enter the ready made, unique logo design marketplace arena. What this basically means is that you can go online, find a marketplace that guarantees you will get a unique logo, pay for it and get it customized for your own needs. That usually means having your business name in the logo and the logo tweaked to match your company colors.

There is no secret that we are affiliated with Strong Logos, a logo design marketplace that does exactly that. They have the right amount of logos, very good designers and people are very pleased with the interaction and logo quality from their website.

One cool thing that people can do, at least with some of the logos in their gallery, is to negotiate the price. This may take some time, but if a designer has listed their logos as being negotiable, you may end up paying around 20-30% less than the listed price. That's not a bad saving for a few hours of waiting.

Either way you go, having a logo is a must and we do live in happy times - there has never been a better time to buy a ready made logo or a custom designed one.