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Even if it's been a couple of very busy weeks since I came back from holiday, I often go back in my mind to the beautiful places of Italy I've recently visited. Back then, sipping from a gorgeous Italian wine I was thinking that it would be interesting and inspiring to post something about Italian wine labels. I've selected some very interesting wine labels from Veneto and Tuscany regions and I've noticed the same interest for fine art and tasteful design that you'll fine anywhere in Italy. Check out these beautiful and inspiring Italian wine label designs.

Hello everyone! My name is Radu and I am one of the developers involved with The Logo Mix. We're trying to make the site a better place for both designers and visitors. A thing we've noticed lately was the great amount of traffic we've received for our "Logos for sales" section.

Please enjoy the sixth part of "Car Brands" listings.

Anyone who's been to Italy should have tasted at least one of the Mulino Bianco products. Mulino Bianco is an iconic Italian brand and known well beyond the borders of its origin country. It started as a family business, like all great Italian brands and became a global success through developing excellent products and great marketing. We've put together a series of logo design and package images from the history of Mulino Bianco company, elements that we thing are of great inspiration for any designer.

Please enjoy the fifth part of "Car Brands" listings.

After a couple of days spent in Vienna, we went to Italy for the bulk part of our holiday. Italy is an amazing country where you can refill your batteries, regain the joy of living and get inspired just by looking around you. We've photographed almost every corner of everywhere we went in hope of retaining the feel of the place, but the truth is you need to be there, to immerse yourself in the Italian culture to be able to enjoy it fully. Again, I've selected a handful of photographs we took in our vacation, great motifs that I've found at street corners, motifs that could inspire you in your logo designs creations and maybe give you a taste and determine you to go visit those great places.

I spent a couple of days of my holiday in Vienna this year, an amazing city that transpires culture and history. Even if I've seen them before, I took another tour of their great buildings, but I followed something in particular this time. I went for details, coat of arms imprints and insignia of the great Austrian empire. I found them to be a great inspiring resource, bringing up a wealth of craftsmanship and heritage.