logo of the month

A very though selection for the logo of the month in june 2011 here at the Logo Mix. Lots of great logos posted in the gallery this month, which made it hard to select the top ten. But the fact that none of the logos detatched itself as a winner it was even harder to select the logo of the month. These said, I think most of the logos in the top ten could have made it as the logo of the month, but the winner detached itself through the fact that there's something special about it, something that draws the eye and makes it memorable. Check out the selection, I'm sure you'll find it inspiring.

Great diversity, lots of style and a very tight competition to award the top logos posted on The Logo Mix gallery in the month of May 2011. From simple, monochromatic shapes to complex, multi layered designs, we've tried to cover and appreciate a wide range of logo designs and identify the ones that impressed us the most. Check out this great selection with the best logo design posted on The Logo Mix gallery in the month of May 2011 and I'm sure you'll find them truly inspiring.

Great concepts and great stories for the logos in top ten at The LogoMix this month. We've looked for famous, we've looked for excellent execution, we've looked for eye candy, but mainly we've looked for logos that manage to tell a story, logo designs that impress also the mind and the soul, not only the eye. Tough selectin agian, and it was exceptionally hard to get our top ten from our 15 logo design shortlist. They all were very good logos and some were very hard not to include in this list. In the end though, only one is declared the logo of the month and the winner is...

In March at The Logo Mix, we've seen new records in terms of numbers of logo designs posted. As you can imagine it was hard to select the best top ten logo designs. This month we've appreciated mainly great ideas, but also didnt forget to notice outstanding execution, high level of details or simple, and powerful icons. Check out some of the best logos posted on the Logo Mix gallery in the month of March 2011.

February at The Logo Mix, I could call it the wonder month as it has a record number of logos posted and also our top logo selection had to be increased to the best 10 logo designs. We usually select the top 5 logo designs posted on our gallery, but due to the large amount of exceptional logo design posted this month, we had to extend our selection to the best 10 logos. There are so many things that caught our eye from outstanding execution to great ideas, from high level of detail to simple, but powerful illustration. Have a read and check out some of the best logos posted on the Logo Mix gallery in the month of February.

We've seen a great start this year here at The LogoMix with an almost double number of monthly logos posted on our gallery. Following that line, the process of selecting the best design of the month was almost twice as hard. To select the best logo for the first month of 2011 we've considered the level of details, the character and the impact of the logos selected. On the short list you'll find not only very well illustrated logos, but also very smart ideas that caught our eye.

Here we are at our second logo of the month selection. Each month we strive to appreciate the logo designers work posted on The Logo Mix Inspiration Gallery based on our visitors votes, the comments posted and our team input. The logo designs that made the selection this month detached themselves through minute attention to detail, simplicity and character. Unlike last month when the winner detached itself very clearly, this month the runner ups were very much on the same level and we had a hard time deciding the winner.

We initiate with this post our Logo of the Month selection which is to give credit and appreciate the value of the best logo designs posted on The Logo Mix gallery each month. We strive to appreciate through this selection the logo designers work based on our visitors votes, the comments posted and The Logo Mix team input. We had many very good logo designs posted this month and we thought it was difficult enough to short list five logo designs out of over 100 designs. Even so, the winner logo design detached itself pretty easily from the rest of the short listed ones and became our first Logo of the Month.