Recent research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology identifies three factors which help in the building of a strong emotional attachment to brands: enticement, enablement and enrichment. 

Let me start off by saying I strongly believe that each company should hire a branding professional or an experienced logo designer to create their visual identity and signature. Every logo design should be based on a well researched brief constructed on the company's strategies and objectives, as well as on the ever-evolving market. These things being said, where does that leave the "ready-made logo designs"? Do they have a legitimate place on the market? We all know there already is a huge market for them. Ready-made logo designs for sale come out of the designers inspiration, either as exercises the designers make on different themes, or as a result of a sudden spark, a creative wave that "hits" the designer and results in a creative output.

Let's play a little game called "find the similarities". When it comes to logo design, this game should be hard, as originality and creative features and elements should be key to designing a logo.

While most businesses have branded themselves, many government and community organizations lack the unitary vision to communicate their message.

One of Malaysia's largest healthcare groups, Pantai Group, has rolled out a TNBT-produced brand revamp for its hospitals and subsidiaries in Malaysia.