No logo, no brand

While most businesses have branded themselves, many government and community organizations lack the unitary vision to communicate their message.

Branding helps people identify and distinguish an organization or business from others. That's why it is important for non profit and government organizations to step up, convert their core values into a strong message - visual and literal - and send it to the public.

We usually associate logos with brands; while the brand represents the blending of the mission, values and up the sleeve aces of the organization with the essential marketing message. A logo is the integrated visual representation off all the above.
A good brand packages memorably all of the company's strength sticking it to the heart and minds of the people.

Essential for any business, government and non profit organizations, a brand establishes a a powerful connection with the target audience and stakeholders, also building trust in your organization.

The branding process helps you understand what makes your business or organization unique, reinforcing your mission statement into your brand.

Knowing clearly who you are and what you do best, motivates you by instilling a sense of pride. Also it ensures consistency and focus in your organization programs, services and communications.

While a brand distinguishes the business or organization trough the core values and unique characteristics, it is the logo and the tag line visually identifies it.

The logo represents the vital part of the visual identity. The logo and the logo type are a palpable representation of the brand reinforcing it. The brand itself is the pearl of an organization, gathering in a name all company's most precious tangible and intangible assets.

Regarding the logo, simplicity is bliss. When you read it and comprehend it easy you know it is a good logo.

The simple geometric shapes make the best logos. A logo should be clear and legible on a business card on a billboard.

Rectangular logos are more appealing to the eyes because we look easier to rectangle shapes than to the square ones.

With a simple font and two colors (more colors are expensive to reproduce) you can do wonders.

A logo should hit directly its target audience. A conservative organization targets conservative audience thus its values should be gathered in a in a conservative logo design and font.

A company or an organization should think twice before changing its logo for many companies or organizations had changed their logo design in the worst possible moment, just when it started to be recognized and positively associated.

For a message to be heard and embraced, time, energy and branding is needed.