corporate identity

If you still haven't decided yet to get a logo for your company, here are ten reasons why you should

While most businesses have branded themselves, many government and community organizations lack the unitary vision to communicate their message.

A brand represents the spirit and the soul of a company. The customer's perception brings a brand to life; a brand isn't what marketers say it is but what the customer thinks it is. For a brand the customer is the alfa and omega.

We all know that promotion needs a little "extra" to really hit the spot. It seems Peter Shankman had that "extra" when he decided to go for an unconventional business card.

As a logo that was designed by Wally Olins you might expect the "right" price tag. It was around £400,000 but this is not the issue. You might expect for something else given the fact that Olins is one of the founding fathers - if we can say that - of the modern idea of branding and corporate identity.

One of Malaysia's largest healthcare groups, Pantai Group, has rolled out a TNBT-produced brand revamp for its hospitals and subsidiaries in Malaysia.