Why should you buy a ready-made logo design?

Let me start off by saying I strongly believe that each company should hire a branding professional or an experienced logo designer to create their visual identity and signature. Every logo design should be based on a well researched brief constructed on the company's strategies and objectives, as well as on the ever-evolving market. These things being said, where does that leave the "ready-made logo designs"? Do they have a legitimate place on the market? We all know there already is a huge market for them. Ready-made logo designs for sale come out of the designers inspiration, either as exercises the designers make on different themes, or as a result of a sudden spark, a creative wave that "hits" the designer and results in a creative output.

I believe there are certain situations when buying a ready made logo design might be legitimate, and is the better option. Before dismissing this as a solution, hear me out. In case you have a different opinion, don't hold your words. Shoot me a reply.

1. Impossible deadlines
Creating a good logo design takes time, as it basically depends on the designer's inspiration, talent and experience. There are ready-made logos for sale that are extremely creative, with an outstanding execution and more inspired than many of the commissioned logo designs out there. These logos are the result of the designers moments of inspiration and are very well achieved. True, they are not done based on a brief, but when time is of the essence, consider this option. You might just find the right logo.

2. Test projects
Before investing the money in a commissioned logo designed for a project that you want to test, consider acquiring a ready-made logo design for a test drive of your project. You might find something that works for a while and help you achieve you goals.

3. Confused management
It is useless to conduct a research and create a design brief when the company management doesn't have a clear vision of what the business should be like. In this case, instead of waisting a logo designer's time, it is recommended that you peruse a logos for sale gallery. Some suitable logo design might pop up and solve the project.

4. Small budget
Instead of doing a crapy brand design job just because you have a smaller budget,  try buying a ready-made logo. The result might have a higher chance of success.

5. Love at first sight
It is possible that you found a ready-made logo that is so beautifully designed and so inspired, that you feel the urge to buy it. Don't hold back, acquire the logo design and allow it to inspire you in return to find a project to fit.