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For the second part of Basketball Logos weekly blog post, we will have logos from really famous teams like, LA Lakers, Miami Heat or Memphis Grizzlies.

Today we start a brand new series of sports logos blog posts. For the next three weeks we will have Basketball logos from NBA.

So we are finally here! The last week of Ice Hockey Logos.

For the last week we have the Eastern Conference of Ontario Hockey League. There are many nice logos so enjoy them!

Ontario is a province of Canada located in the east-central part of Canada. It has Its own hockey league, Ontario Hockey League.

For todays weekly sports logo blog post, we we'll move on with Canadian Hockey League Logos.

Last week I told you that Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is divided in two leagues.

So I guess we'll go on with Ice Hockey Logos for a while. Today we will start with logos from Canadian hockey teams.

Canadian Hockey League is divided in two parts.

One of the unwritten rules in logo design is to make sure you don't use more than two or at the most three colors in a logo. It seems, however, that there are times when it's good to break that rule and let go of  your immagination. The logos below prove that. If done right, one can create amazing logo designs using lots of colors.  Enjoy.

Hi, and welcome to the last part of the NHL Logos. For today we will have logos from the Southeast Division and Pacific Division. We may have another Ice Hockey Logos blog post next week with CHL (Canadian Hockey League) Logos.

After one week of break, the weekly blog, "sports logos", is back. For this week (and the next two) we'll have Ice Hockey Logos.

I didn't know what sport to pick for the sports logos weekly, so I thought that it would be cool to make a logo selection of "Initials Logos".

Even though I don't really know much about baseball, it was fun to look for baseball logos.

This week with the third part of baseball Logos, I finish yet another series of sports logos and I really don't know what sport should I pick for next week. If you have any idea, feel free to suggest it :)

This week, for the weekly sports blog post, we will have baseball logos again.

For todays (and for the next two) weekly sports logo blog post , we will have baseball logos. We will present here the logos of the teams playing in the MLB - Major League Baseball.

This is the last part of the "American football logos" and I still don't know much about American football. :)  I can say that I like some of the American football logos but at the same time I can say that I hate the teams names... they are way too cheesy for my taste.

Buildings are casual things for most of us. We pass all kinds of buildings every day without caring too much about them - however, when you want to capture the spirit, the idea or thought behind a building project or development company, it takes quite a lot of work and creativity. Below are some outsanding logo designs created for various building development projects. Enjoy.