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Scott Campbell is a graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker, and musician working and living in New Orleans, LA. After spending his early 20's learning various printmaking techniques at Louisiana State University and Penland School of Crafts, he devoted his time to teaching himself screen printing, recording and playing music all over the country, and working on print projects within the music & entertainment industry.

It was 1976 and Jobs has been spending time on a friend’s farm picking apples when he told Wozniak of his idea for the name of their fledgling I.T. company. Was picking apples the inspiration? Perhaps one fell on his head and knocked free this gem of creativity, a-la Sir Issac Newton? Perhaps he just wanted to be ahead of Atari in the phone book? Whatever the case, Wozniak was equally taken with the moniker and the name stuck. All they needed then was a logo.

Drazenka KimpelI was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Her creative talent has been noted very early by the teachers and students, which gave her enough fuel to carry on with doodles and mess of paint and chalk.

She crossed over to digital art world in 2001. Since then her path has been open wide. She experimented with a variety of different programs and techniques trying to find her artistic self. Some projects were success and some were failures but she persisted and continued to learn.

The art presented below is a collection of her work, created from 2003 - to date.

In the ancient Greek culture, the word logo literally meant "word" or "speech". Other cultures - the Babylonian, Egyptian Assyrian, Chinese or Mayan used pictographs to communicate words and ideas.

Professionalism is one of the key components of a strong business relationship. It defines how you and the people you work with treat each other, and this ultimately determines the quality of the work you receive.

As a logo that was designed by Wally Olins you might expect the "right" price tag. It was around £400,000 but this is not the issue. You might expect for something else given the fact that Olins is one of the founding fathers - if we can say that - of the modern idea of branding and corporate identity.

With black and white logos you can't hide behind a gradient, a color effect or some shades of powerful colors. You are "naked" with your shapes and ideas. The logo must be strong, simple yet extremely creative. From our logo design gallery we have gathered some fine examples of fine tuned black and white logos. Enjoy.

Join us for a ride - a very colorful and imaginative ride. We proudly present you, freshly selected from our logo design gallery, ten amazing vehicle / transportation inspired logo designs. Enjoy!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO! The following LOGO DESIGNS has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES by The Logo Mix team. Enjoy!

Are you hungry? Hungry for design? Maybe thirsty? If you are, we invite you to taste some really cool logos from our logo design gallery . Feel free to let us know what you think of this compilation.


Do you love music? I bet you do. We've searched the logo design gallery and found 10 great music inspired logo designs. We think we've found the best ones so far. Enjoy and let us know your opinion!

Hello there. We're continuing our series of "Top 10" posts with some amazing logo designs inspired by the living creatures around us. Yes, logo designs for and inspired by animals.


Looking for some tree based logo design inspiration? Look no further. We have selected ten awesome logo designs posted on The Logo Mix. Enjoy!

This is the end of 2009, a great year for thelogomix.com and it's all thanks to your great work.

Below it's a handpicked selection of the best 50 logos posted on thelogomix.com in 2009. The logos are NOT ordered in any kind of hierarchical order, it was just impossible for me to do that because all of them are great.


Leading Online Aussie Logo Company Launches 100% Filipino Outsourced Logo Service. Unfortunately we were getting squeezed by online global competitors in the U.S. and U.K says Lara Johnson.