20 Cool Colorful Logos

One of the unwritten rules in logo design is to make sure you don't use more than two or at the most three colors in a logo. It seems, however, that there are times when it's good to break that rule and let go of  your immagination. The logos below prove that. If done right, one can create amazing logo designs using lots of colors.  Enjoy.

Tullamore Logo by Marc Katsambis

Nordbloom Media by Akinom

Vision Creativa by almosh82

Puzzle by William

Designwade by Noetic Brands

Mir Luxor by Xa0tiK

Kudos Beach 6 years by alex tass

Michael Spitz by Michael Spitz

Pangur by Sean O'Grady

CMYK Garden by Rambal

Agent Orange by Brandon Barnard

Blossom Photo by Arnas Goldbergas

Art Hive by Arnas Goldbergas

Tutom by Tutom

Dreamz by Josiah Jost

Binoche Palette by Nima Elias

Guevara's by BartODell

BriteClick by BartODell

Dol by Alex Tass

Alatau by Raja Sandhu