Cool fashion logo designs

The art for art or designing for designers are just a few words that we could use to describe the process of creating a fashion logo design. Fashion is a key element for anyone with a sense of style and elegance and, in today's competitive world, fashion brands compete to get their clients attention. Even if we're not looking at the world known and famous fashion designers that have global recognition and set the trends in fashion, there are a certain characteristics that are common to fashion logo designs. Simplicity, glamour and style are the key features of fashion logo designs, and beyond everything they need to express, represent and differentiate the fashion artists and their creations.

There is a category of fashion creators that prefer to design their own logos. They know their business very well, they know their target audience and their competitors and are able to create an icon that could  best represent themselves. There are however other fashion designers - clothing, jewelry or perfume creators - that prefer an outside look upon their creations and would rather have a graphic artist developing their logo.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" said Leonardo Da Vinci and his phrase seem to comprise best the key elements that a fashion logo design should have, simplicity and sophistication. The fashion creator is a very high standard client for a logo designer. You either understand what a fashion designer needs or fail... there is no middle ground. For a logo designer creating a fashion is a high challenge, but if you manage to succeed your logo design has the chance to hit it big.

Here is a selection of fashion logo designs posted on The Logo Mix. In my opinion some of them have the style and sophistication that could help a fashion designer make it in the glamour world.

Silverstone Sobranie Logo by Sergey Babenko


Bongiwe Walaza Logo by Brandon Barnard


Xona Logo by Mads Burcharth


Muhtarov Logo by ru_ferret


Saracen Xavier Logo by Unique Logo Design


RAMM Fashion Logo by designabot


Desimodo Logo by BartODell