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It's summer and it's hot! We're here to cool off your creative thirst with some amazing logo designs. You guessed it! It's time for the Logo of the month winners to show off their best designs posted on The Logo Mix in July 2012. Most people are away on a sunny beach during the summer and logo designers are no exception. There are still a handful of designers left to battle on the barricades and keep the creative juices flowing even in the hot season. As usual, we present you with the top ten logo designs posted on the Logo Mix gallery last month to get you inspired, bring joy to your eyes and get the ideas rolling in your head. Enjoy and don't forget to drop a word of praise for the oh, so worthy, designers.

It's time for the Logo of the Month again, when we select ten of the best logo designs posted on The Logo Mix gallery within the last 30 days or so. We've witnessed again a tough competition and we present you with the beautiful and inspirational design work of the winners. Check out this month's selection and get ready to be impressed by great design ideas and amazing execution. Enjoy! ...and, hey, don't forget to leave a word of congrats for the worthy designers.

We're back with our usual monthly Top Ten featuring some of the best logo designs posted in our gallery last month. We were preparing for a close race for the Logo of the month when atomicvibe posted some of his work a threw our top up side down. It was kind of a "vini, vidi, vici" type thing. He came by at the end of the month and swipe us off our feet with an amazing design work. So, yeah, maybe I spoiled the surprise this time unveiling the winner from the very beginning, but this kind of work simply deserved the praise. I'm really not trying to diminish in any way the rest of the beautiful logos that make out top this month. They're totally worthy of your words of love an appreciation. So don't withhold them… post your comments and let the winners know they are amazing logo designers.

The logo of the month top ten blog post is here, featuring the best logo designs posted on the Logo Mix Gallery in the month of April 2012. We've had some great logo designs posted last month, which made the decision to select only ten designs, difficult enough. We put our heads together and, heavy heartedly, pushed out of the list a few of our favorites to give you the best of the best logo designs. Check out the greatest top logo designs of the month of April 2012 and leave a nice comment for the worthy designers.

With the spring just around the corner, it's been an inspired time for logo designers and a lot of beautiful logo design works has been posted to The Logo Mix gallery this month. You can imagine that this has made our task of selecting the top ten a lot harder… We don't complain though, but invite you, the awesome logo designers, to post even more outstanding logo designs in the future and make our task even harder. Check out these great logo designs that made it to the top ten logo designs in the month of March 2012 and leave a word of praise for the inspired designers.