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An Adobe Illustrator Tutorial on how to make an 3D apple.

Tutorial on how to make cool vector glassy gel button in Illustrator.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has unveiled a new logo for the city, which will replace the previous M and leaf symbol introduced in the early 1990s.

Cr Doyle said the old logo was "a bit daggy" and Melbourne needed a new design to reflect its cool sophistication on the world stage.

"The world's changed, the city of Melbourne has changed, this organisation has changed as well, and we're now playing far more, not just on the national stage but also on the international stage," Cr Doyle said.

From this tutorial you can learn how to Create christmas bauble in illustrator.

 Area artists are being given the opportunity to design the campaign logo for Steve Welch, Republican candidate for the 7th Congressional District.

Welch, founder of the Mitos group and co-founder of DreamIt Ventures, said in a release that his campaign would be about “engaging individuals and organizations who are often left out of the conversation,” hence the contest allowing local artists and designers to throw their two cents in by creating the campaign’s logo.

The contest, which boasts a $310 prize, is being hosted on www.99designs.com. More than 30 designs had been submitted by Sunday afternoon. Submissions must be in by July 24.

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I've been browsing trough a logo design portfolio today and one of the logos caught my attention - this logo not only looks very similar with the logo for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism but uses extremely similar shapes and colors.

Tutorial on learning how to make those cool glowing, color changing, fading, bright, neon-like, fanning spread of glowing colors.