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It is difficult to determine how much to charge for logo design, because there are so many variables. As a freelance designer, you'll need to develop a metric that suits your needs and the requirements of your clients. While these factors are relatively simple, they will have a substantial impact on how much you can charge for your services. When deciding how much to ask for a logo, be sure to include the total cost of the design, as well as any additional requests you may have.

Let's say you decide to start a new business and you are now looking to get a new logo for your company. You have settled that you will search a ready made logo available on the internet. You open a browser, go to google and search for "ready made logo designs".

We're in the middle of the summer and many people have taken some time off to enjoy the summer vacation. But what about those who make these vacations reality?

People are unique in so many different ways. From the way they talk, walk and work, people are one of a kind. Businesses are the same. It doesn't matter if there are a dozen other businesses that do the same thing, each company will have a slightly different take on what it means to do a certain thing.

Congratulations! Now you have a new logo design! The designer just sent it to you, you have a bunch of files and (hopefully) a nice PDF file with your logo guide. Now what? What do you do with it? You know you should use it, but you wonder, how?

For those of you who live under a rock or have no idea what date it is, let me remind you that today it's STAR WARS day! Inspired by the now famous greeting "May the force be with you", the day is unique in may aspects. Disney comes up with Star Wars specials and around the world people show their appreciation to the beloved movie series by creating awesome movies, cartoons, graphics and whatnot.

One of the advantages of getting a ready made logo is that you can quickly decide if you like the logo or not. When you buy a custom made logo design, chances are that the process is tedious, unsure and requires quite a bit of involvement. The results are, granted, very good, if the logo designer is capable, patient and knows what he's doing.

If you're a fan of Cleveland Browns, you may have already heard that they have a new logo. The logo design update was unveiled on Tuesday and the Browns will use it during the 2015 season.

Logo design is a highly creative activity and more often than not, we as logo designers run out quickly of creative ideas. I see creativity as a cup - whenever you use it, you empty the cup and of course, at one point, your cup will end up being empty.

You are a logo designer adept at creating a nice way for companies to show off who they are to others. That is why you might be in demand when it comes to putting together high-quality logo design for others.

All this sounds like a really good idea on paper, but the problem remains a financial one. Just what do you charge for your services?

Valentine’s day is around the corner and many of us are thinking of ways to show our appreciation for our loved ones. People all over the world get busy buying flowers, chocolate and other gifts to show their appreciation. As designers we are probably involved with creating various promotional materials related to this holiday.

Like any intellectual property, a logo design can be trademarked and copyrighted. This protects a logo from being copied or reused without the owner's permission. Depending on the type of logo, the proper required legal protection could be a copyright or a trademark. In some case, both are needed to ensure full legal protection. In any case, here is what you need to do to ensure that your logo design is legally your design.

Logos play and extremely important part in business and brand identification.  They often serve as the first communication for customers and are easily recognizable, some so much so that they are now synonymous with the companies.  For a small business looking to buy a logo design, it may be difficult to know what they should expect to pay.  Because every logo is unique, it's almost impossible to put a price tag on them and while some companies like Pepsi pay up to $1,000,000 for logo re-design, others like Google paid $0 for the original design.  However, there is some information small businesses will find useful in terms of gaging the pricing when they are ready to buy a logo.

Do you believe in luck? Well, I do. Let me explain why… I believe in luck because I really feel lucky. I get to work on various design projects and I just feel really, really lucky. Is this an objective statement? I highly doubt it.

One of the secrets of being a good logo designer is to get inspired by other people’s logo work. As one famous author put it: “It usually helps me write by reading – somehow the reading gear in your head turns the writing gear.” (Steven Wright)