Coach Ramirez - main lockup

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Fictional logo for an Adidas-themed résumé. This is in no way affiliated with Adidas.

Earlier this year, Adidas Originals had an open Design Director position in their Portland HQ, and, being a lover of the brand, I decided to apply. To demonstrate not only my skills as a graphic designer, but also my knowledge and respect for the adidas brand and its legacy, I designed a self-promo booklet (a highly-conceptual adaptation of my current résumé) that is aesthetically inspired by adidas Originals marketing brochures. The booklet chronicles the accomplishments of a fictional alter-ego, Coach Ramirez — an adidas track suit wearing, afro'd, mustachioed designer — and is written as if he's actually the Design Director at adidas Originals. Sadly, I didn't get the job.

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