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Here's a logo selection of some of the best logos starting with letter "M".


I didn't know what sport to pick for the sports logos weekly, so I thought that it would be cool to make a logo selection of "Initials Logos".

Take a pen and a piece of paper (or a pen and a graphic tablet). Start drawing without taking your pen off the paper/tablet. Its alway tricky isn't it? Here are few samples of how some talented designers have turned tricky into awesome. They managed to tell a story with a simple line born from the flow of their pen.

Buildings are casual things for most of us. We pass all kinds of buildings every day without caring too much about them - however, when you want to capture the spirit, the idea or thought behind a building project or development company, it takes quite a lot of work and creativity. Below are some outsanding logo designs created for various building development projects. Enjoy.