to-do app

We're all used to working on multiple projects in the same time, and the comfort and times of working on just one project at a time are long gone. In a fast paced environment, with entrepreneurs launching start-ups on a daily basis, everyone wants their branding projects done yesterday, if possible. As freelancers, self-employed designers or even as employees we find ourselves in the position to manage multiple tasks in the same time. Also, with the hype of the mobile world, staying in sync with your projects and connected with you co-workers at all times is extremely important. Thus, the need of having a very good task management app to handle your daily to-dos and organize you work becomes vital. Here are five of the best tasks management tools (either free or at an affordable cost) to help you out with your daily work routine. If you use some other to-do applications that are cool and worth sharing, drop us a line.