Logo Design: Online or Offline?

One of the most important apects in the logo design process, either online or offline, is the ability to have a good and a clear communication between the design team and the client.

When going for a logo OFFLINE, the communication methods include phone calls, face to face meetings but also email exchanges and even regular mail usage. The most effective method in communicating design ideas and giving feedback remains the face to face meetings. However, not everyone is conformable with that. There are people who prefer the intimacy of their office to analyze and then offer their feedback with a pace of their own.

The OFFLINE method of creating logo designs seems to be preferred by medium sized to big companies. As you might expect, the costs are relatively higher than using the internet to get a logo design and it takes more time to get to the final result. However, for most of the times, this pays off in the long run and the results are stunning.

When going for a logo ONLINE, the communication is mainly based on email and other online communication tools - discussion boards, forum software and collaboration software.
The main advantage of going ONLINE for a logo design is the large variety of logo design services providers out there. A simple search on google for the term "logo design" gives us 524 million results! While not all of these companies are a good match for what you need, you will have to spend some time to narrow your selection to a few logo design companies and then start comparing their offer.

Many small to medium sized businesses choose this method as it is proved to be a quick and effective way to get a reasonable result.

We also have a large selection of companies in our logo design directory and a very useful feature that lets you list by price the companies that offer logo design services.

To summarize, here is an outline to help you make up your mind weather to go ONLINE or OFFLINE for your logo design.

OFFLINE logo design:

  •  - Communication is better - face to face, phone, rarely emails.
  •  - The research is mainly done by the company you work with.
  •  - Higher prices.

ONLINE logo design:

  •  - Communication is based on emails, rarely on phone calls.
  •  - You have to do the research yourself.
  •  - You save money - the prices are relatively small.
  •  - If you want good results you have to spend time to narrow your search to a few logo design companies and then analyze their offer.