Three Nuts General Contractors

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This logo is for a completely fictitious entity named Three Nuts General Contractors.

The idea for this brand came to me when I was out and about in the world, and saw a contractor's work van drive by. As I looked at the number 3 in the telephone number on the van, I started thinking about how a cleverly constructed 3 could reveal a wrench in negative space.

Using a hexagonal bolt nut as my main source of inspiration, I thought of a whimsical name which would support the concept I had in mind. In this hypothetical situation, the "Three Nuts" could be a team of three general contractors.

The icon is built from the angles of the bolt nut, and the entire mark should evoke a heavy industrial feel; something that could be stamped into metal, etched into wood, or simply affixed on the side of a work van.

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