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An abstract octopus. In the additional images you'll find another version with plain blue color. keyideas: sea, arms, swim, marine, tentacles, swirls, creatures, fashion, purple, orange, blue, elegance, swirly, deep. Any changes such as colors, font or name are FREE after purchase.
This logo is great for a wide rang of businesses such as resort, vacation location, hotel, travel companies, tourism, seaside restaurant, seafood restaurant, vacation home , food photographer,meal planner, kitchen advisory, kitchen blogger, nutritionist, vegetarian site, event planner, seafood distributor, cafeteria, eatery, cafe , seafood market, fashion, apparel, clothing label, art and craft ,decor , fashion label , clothing store, retailer, wedding planner, crafts woman, art store, crafts fair, home décor, therapist, jewelry, gifts shop, scarves, furniture, counseling, ,interior design, home staging, perfume brand, wedding dress designer, scrapbook, textile industry ,daycare, kids store and much more.