Ninja Ball Tech

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This 3d logo is well suited for a wide range of businesses like: Software developer, technology company,3D developer, financial, web host provider, consulting, media, marketing, advertising, tech, search engine, profitability , cellular, laboratory, growth expansion, advertisement agency, firm, fuel, kindle, light products, spark, innovative ideas, energy, lab, atom, nature, water, pure, multimedia, industrial companies, architects, medical companies , architectural design, T.V channel , security services, FTP servers, computer and internet services, social media, data IT consulting, constructions companies, real estate, law firm, accounting, accountant office, hosting services, storage service, network, production, broadcast, technology firm, app development, software, webcast, animation, toys shop, entertainment, game app icon, security services, computer repair service, boys accessories brand ...and much more.
Red ball with some metal parts looks like ninja face. keyideas: business, 3d, symbol, figure, illusion, illustration, iconic, metal, shiny, sphere, shadow, round, visual, three dimensional, digital, digitally, chrome, orb, ball, decoration, cut, optical , impression, object, color, web, holes, inside, red, design, carving, planet, children, toys, security.