Hot chocolate hut

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A cup of hot chocolate looks like a hut. keyideas: treat, cocoa plant, bakery fresh cocoa beans, coffee, hot, melted, delicious, hot chocolate, chocolate drops, confectionery, dessert, section, home made, cocoa trade, Africa, African, brownies, chocolate, mocha, hot, cream, caramel, cupcake, muffins, desserts, brown, vanilla, tea, sweet, snack , tasty,patisserie, party, dough, espresso, cup, cappauccino, morning, break, negative space, sugar. Any changes such as colors, name or font are FREE after purchase.
This memorable logo is great for coffee shop, snack shack, bakery, cake shop, cupcake shop, food blog, confectionery, dessert catering service, patisserie shop or factory, dessert recipe site, pastry shop, Cafe & Cupcake Shop, cookies, candy, cafeteria, cafe, road cafe, coffee house, after removing the steam it 'll be suitable for ice cream and yoghurt brand, iced coffee, ice cream with coffee, sweet supplier, chocolate maker, ..etc