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Logo proposal for a baking blog, curated by a passionate baker who loves spoiling people with her delicious treats. Desired tone: Creative, quirky, joyful, homemade, comforting, approachable, feminine, playful, optimistic, and loving. Creative considerations: Client likes asymmetry and clever logos; loves color, but wants logo to reduce easily to black & white; loves swashy, swirly fonts rich with movement.

Rationale: While this concept is dynamic and expressive, the real beauty of this design lies in its versatility of application. Stylistically rooted in artisan craftsmanship, it can be painted or written in pencil, pen, Sharpie, or cake piping, or it can be letterpressed, stamped, or silk screened. I would encourage my client to learn how to write the script, so she can actively participate in this identity's propagation in her own hand.

Script employs a hidden element. Do you see it?

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