New Logo

Congratulations! Now you have a new logo design! The designer just sent it to you, you have a bunch of files and (hopefully) a nice PDF file with your logo guide. Now what? What do you do with it? You know you should use it, but you wonder, how?

If you're a fan of Cleveland Browns, you may have already heard that they have a new logo. The logo design update was unveiled on Tuesday and the Browns will use it during the 2015 season.

The large american pizza chain recently unveiled a new logo. It’s flat, round and of course, red.

As we’ve seen with a lot of new logo redesigns, companies tend to follow the trend of simplifying their logos. They mostly do that to stay current - Apple and Google, both push a very clean and relatively flat design for their devices, and believe it or not, the tech world influences a lot the rest of the world.

A timeless logo design may last for a decade, maybe two, or until a new board of directors comes in command, then it becomes dated and the identity needs an upgrade or a radical change. The logo design may still be beautiful, but the it needs to adapt to current times, markets and target groups. How many times, though, have you seen logo design upgrades, identity changes, rebranding programs that didn't work as well as expected and by the time the new identity was in place you already missed the old and beautiful logo? How many times new logo design or redesign seemed crapy, compared to the timeless good old logo that you knew and loved?

This blog post was inspired by Jeff Hughes, who suggested that it would be fun to take a look at identity upgrade programs and see if they are better or not. So that's what we're doing with this series of blog posts, and we need you to express your opinion. The big question is: Do you think the AFTER is better than the BEFORE? Do yo think the newer logos work better than the older ones or not? Take a look at the proposed logos and leave your comment!

If you still haven't decided yet to get a logo for your company, here are ten reasons why you should

You should see further than your own aesthetic taste when choosing a logo design for your company.

Aware of the increasing number of similar business similar to yours, you decide it's time to stand tall among your competitors. As an important step in promoting your business product is choosing a good logo design, you think it's time to have one.

As a logo that was designed by Wally Olins you might expect the "right" price tag. It was around £400,000 but this is not the issue. You might expect for something else given the fact that Olins is one of the founding fathers - if we can say that - of the modern idea of branding and corporate identity.

A new county council logo which incorporates the traditional emblem of Staffordshire has been introduced.

The Lyon County School District starts a logo contest in its effort to develop a new logo for the district.

Art Deco architecture and the contributions of the Native American community are highlighted in the new Tulsa County logo unveiled Monday.

The logo includes feathers and other shapes done in an art deco style.

Paul Turley, a graphic designer for the county, created the logo.
He said the image is meant to evoke the local history of the Native American community as well as the Tulsa oil boom of the early decades of the 20th century and the art deco architecture of that time.

Action Ministries, a non-profit food pantry next to Johnny's Toys, has a new logo.

Instead of the Christian symbol of a fish with a cross through it, the all-volunteer agency now uses a logo featuring that symbol transposed over a bag of groceries. It's now appearing on the agency's letterhead and faxes.

WINTER HAVEN - A new logo has been approved for Polk State College, the name Polk Community College will assume on July 1, by recent vote of the PCC District Board of Trustees.

The logo design, which is similar to the college's current logo, was released Wednesday, 29.04.09.

Jacksonville Jaguars held a press event where they rolled out a new logo and new uniform designs for the team. A single logo will be used on all of the official Jaguar organization materials… including stationery and business cards.

Bismarck State College has a brand new logo design.

Here's the new logo of BSC... which aims to capture how a students' experience goes BEYOND a traditional educational setting.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. on Monday unveiled a new logo for the hundreds of bank branches and ATMs it got as part of its purchase of Seattle-based Washington Mutual.