logo review

If you're a fan of Cleveland Browns, you may have already heard that they have a new logo. The logo design update was unveiled on Tuesday and the Browns will use it during the 2015 season.

Logo design is the graphical representation of a business, a tool that gives the first impression of a business.

A unique, recognizable identity or 'corporate logo' has become an essential part of business strategy and success so it's vital that proper consideration be given to this aspect.

A successful logo design possesses the following traits: simplicity, style, and visibility. The company’s name should be clearly legible yet stylish and unique. The logo design may say something about the company’s history, its products and its values. A good design is invaluable in raising the profile of a fashion house as it has the ability to set it apart in the field.

As a logo that was designed by Wally Olins you might expect the "right" price tag. It was around £400,000 but this is not the issue. You might expect for something else given the fact that Olins is one of the founding fathers - if we can say that - of the modern idea of branding and corporate identity.