logo design project

It is well known that most of the things we really learn come from our own experience, after banging our own head against the issues that come our way. It is preferable, though, and less painful, to learn from the experience of others. The tips presented below are learned the hard way, at my own expense and hopefully they will help someone in some way. Working your way through logo design projects, you've probably come to similar conclusions, or maybe some other great tips that may help others, thus you're invited to leave a comment and share the things you've learned out of your own expertise.

Let's say you've just received the agreement for a logo design project from your client, you've received your down payment and your client is ready to start the project. Now what? First of all you need information. A logo design project means expressing graphically the essence of what your client's company is all about. Before you start designing, what type of information should you ask for? Here is a list of data you should never start you logo design project without.