Logo Design Inspiration

Valentine’s day is around the corner and many of us are thinking of ways to show our appreciation for our loved ones. People all over the world get busy buying flowers, chocolate and other gifts to show their appreciation. As designers we are probably involved with creating various promotional materials related to this holiday.

Most of the time it is about that enlightened moment of inspiration. You're all set, ready to put in the hard work and go into every little detail, but you need the spark! You need to go places to get the ball rolling and through this post we want to signal you one of the best places you can go for inspiration.

The Logo Mix is featuring today an amazing project that will inspire you, a project that should go straight to your favorites bookmark, especially if you're a logo designer. Ever since he announced this project around the beginning of this year I stayed tuned as I knew this one was worth following. It's a year long project that's already become a great source of inspiration. Let me give you a hint… it has to do with icons, illustrations and word associations. Guessed it? It is about the highly awarded and amazing graphic designer and illustrator Leighton Hubbell's year long project called 300 RANDOM ICONS. As Leighton states, this is a personal project and the goal is to create and design 300 random icon concepts by the end of 2012. Now I should say that I admire anyone who undertakes a personal project that takes more than six months to complete, as longer side projects have the tendency to challenge you more as they grow older. I especially admire Leighton's project because each one of his icons is an excellent piece, and to keep up that level of inspiration and execution and even take it to a higher standard throughout an entire year is amazing.

We stated before that typography is crucial in a logo design project, and sometimes, instead of browsing through hundreds of ready designed typefaces, designers choose to create their own typography, giving a unique slant and appearance to their logo designs. This isn't an easy task, and it requires special knowledge of method and craft, but the outcome may be simply outstanding, assuring the uniqueness of the logo design, something we all long for when designing a brand identity. To give you food for thought, today we have an amazing selection of beautiful typography work for your inspiration. Carefully crafted using different methods and styles, these artwork pieces are the result of incredible hard work and amazing creativity. Check it out and leave a comment for the impressive artists, who created them.

Sometimes a typeface seems to be just enough to serve as an inspiration for a logo design idea. With a smart tweak and a bit of color, a typeface could work very well in representing a company or organization's brand. I admire the designers that were able to see beyond the text font in front of them and, through selecting an appropriate typeface, making adjustments to it and adding a specific color scheme, they were able to come up with amazing text based logo designs.

It is extremely useful to contemplate a logo design gallery but sometimes discovering the process behind a logo can be not only a source of inspiration but a source of learning and discovery. We have found ten well written logo design case studies and we invite you to discover the process behind them

Looking for some tree based logo design inspiration? Look no further. We have selected ten awesome logo designs posted on The Logo Mix. Enjoy!