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When I first saw the The Caribbean Energy Conference logo I was curios to discover more about the designer behind that awesome logo. In time, looking at the work of Alex Tass I discovered a young, creative and talented designer that came up with new and fresh ideas for his logos. Earlier this month Alex took some time from his busy schedule to talk with us about his work and his life as a logo designer. Enjoy!

For this Friday Fonts we want to present to you a designer that worked for Adidas, Vitra, Toyota, Cadbury and other great names. His name is Jakob Nylund the founder and designer of Just-my-type. Enjoy!

It is Friday already and we are back with a nice collection of open fonts from The League of Moveable Type where you can find well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts. Enjoy.

It is hard not to notice Nikita's logos in any logo gallery he posts his work on. They are fresh, detailed and a pleasure to view. He had the kindness to answer our questions and we are happy to show you the resulting interview. Enjoy.

Fonts play an important role in most logo designs and finding the right font is not the easiest job most of the times. Friday seems like a perfect day to try new typefaces and discover some inspiring font designers. Enjoy!

We've discovered almosh82 a while back when we were planning The Logo Mix and were scouting for talented logo designers to feature in our logo design gallery. We thought his work was very professional with a clean style, a clear story and a superb execution.

We've asked Shyam if he would agree to share with us a bit from his experience as a logo designer. He was kind to answer all of our questions and you can read the interview below. Enjoy!

It is extremely useful to contemplate a logo design gallery but sometimes discovering the process behind a logo can be not only a source of inspiration but a source of learning and discovery. We have found ten well written logo design case studies and we invite you to discover the process behind them

Your company's logo speaks to your potential and existing customers when you aren't there to do the talking yourself. First impressions last, so it's important that your logo is instantly recognizable, and your message is conveyed clearly.

I have just discovered that Google Docs has a new addition - you can now easily create drawings online - no need to install anything - just use your browser - http://docs.google.com/

Welcome to the new Logo Mix website. This new version of the site was tweaked with much love and care by our small but dedicated team (Radu & Ed77).

I've been browsing trough a logo design portfolio today and one of the logos caught my attention - this logo not only looks very similar with the logo for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism but uses extremely similar shapes and colors.

The Museum of Modern Art has recast its graphic identity to underscore the Museum's leadership role in the field of design.

SherpaHost's custom logo and website design service helps individuals and businesses save time and money by simplifying the creation process and offering an affordable monthly payment plan and no setup fees. Each professionally designed website includes hosting with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and 24/7 support to ensure that the web site is always up and running.

A document explaining the new Pepsi logo as a design inspired by the Mona Lisa and Earth's magnetic fields has sparked an online hoax debate.