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Enjoy forth part of "Best Bands Logo"

It's summer and it's hot! We're here to cool off your creative thirst with some amazing logo designs. You guessed it! It's time for the Logo of the month winners to show off their best designs posted on The Logo Mix in July 2012. Most people are away on a sunny beach during the summer and logo designers are no exception. There are still a handful of designers left to battle on the barricades and keep the creative juices flowing even in the hot season. As usual, we present you with the top ten logo designs posted on the Logo Mix gallery last month to get you inspired, bring joy to your eyes and get the ideas rolling in your head. Enjoy and don't forget to drop a word of praise for the oh, so worthy, designers.

The third part of "Best Bands Logo"


Most of the time it is about that enlightened moment of inspiration. You're all set, ready to put in the hard work and go into every little detail, but you need the spark! You need to go places to get the ball rolling and through this post we want to signal you one of the best places you can go for inspiration.

The Logo Mix is featuring today an amazing project that will inspire you, a project that should go straight to your favorites bookmark, especially if you're a logo designer. Ever since he announced this project around the beginning of this year I stayed tuned as I knew this one was worth following. It's a year long project that's already become a great source of inspiration. Let me give you a hint… it has to do with icons, illustrations and word associations. Guessed it? It is about the highly awarded and amazing graphic designer and illustrator Leighton Hubbell's year long project called 300 RANDOM ICONS. As Leighton states, this is a personal project and the goal is to create and design 300 random icon concepts by the end of 2012. Now I should say that I admire anyone who undertakes a personal project that takes more than six months to complete, as longer side projects have the tendency to challenge you more as they grow older. I especially admire Leighton's project because each one of his icons is an excellent piece, and to keep up that level of inspiration and execution and even take it to a higher standard throughout an entire year is amazing.

Let's admit it. Pen and paper are a designer's ultimate tools. Even if we don't use it as much these days, when we're trying to represent ourselves as designers, most of us would use a pen as an illustrative element. Most of our work is done using a computer and some illustration software, but let's face it… everyone of us starts sketching an idea using a pen on a piece of paper. Maybe you guessed… This is a blog post featuring a selection of logo designs dedicate to "the mighty pen" and everything it stands for… the element that captures our creative juices and transforms them into first drafts, into ideas that catch life on paper, or anything you find to scribble on. Check out this cool selection of pen logo designs and get some creative ideas yourself.

Enjoy the secont part of "Best Bands Logo"

It's time for the Logo of the Month again, when we select ten of the best logo designs posted on The Logo Mix gallery within the last 30 days or so. We've witnessed again a tough competition and we present you with the beautiful and inspirational design work of the winners. Check out this month's selection and get ready to be impressed by great design ideas and amazing execution. Enjoy! ...and, hey, don't forget to leave a word of congrats for the worthy designers.