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Easter has become a very eclectic celebration, everyone is sending out cards and messages and beyond the main meaning of the event, Easter has gathered a lot of cultural elements, items that we can spot in the related logo designs. With this occasion we've put up a small but cool selection of Easter related logo designs, logos that are smart and well design and nevertheless inspiring. Hapy Easter everyone!

Easter is Christianity's greatest celebration. Nowadays Easter had dissipated somehow its original message and was embellished with cultural elements meant to soften the powerful meaning of the event. Easter bunnies, painted eggs, spring elements have all now their place in this celebration. We will have a look at all these elements in a following post. Today though, I've chosen an element that is central to the Easter events, the cross, and have looked at the way designers interpreted it graphically and incorporated it into logo designs.

Hello and welcome to the last part of the Golf Tournaments Logos - Regular Season.

Next week we'll have one last post of Golf logos, with the Playoffs and Featured Tournaments logos.

The other day I was working on a logo project for a sport shirts online shop and was searching for ideas while keeping an eye on what other designers have done in terms of shirt logo design. I've discovered some very cool ideas, fun and surprisingly different. T-shirts say more about our personality than any other clothing item, they are informal and we usually choose them because we like them and wear them according to our state of mind. A logo design for a t-shirt company should express just that, being fun, unique and appealing. Check out this selection of t-shirt logo designs.

To play is fun at any age, and playing with logo designs is no different. As a logo designer sometimes you just feel the need to get away from the corporate rigour and have some fun with simple but clever and beautiful shapes. Kids and toys are two concepts that go together like coffe and milk, they were invented one for the other and complete each other perfectly. Play was invented for kids and toys were invented for the play. Here's a selection of very cool kids and toys logo design that are fun and very well designed.

Welcome to the third week of the Golf Tournaments Logos. Please enjoy the logos listed below.

It is Friday and it is time for the Friday Free Logo. Today's free logo icon represents a clock or a compass - it can be used for a local guide website, delivery company, etc. Enjoy and let us know if  you have any suggestions for future logos.