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In a world where people fight for animal rights, where we tread animals as companions, in a world where we invented a whole industry to treat and care for pets, branding and implicit logo design followed shortly. We've seen a huge diversity of ideas and styles put into logo designs meant to brand companies or individuals that activate in the pet care industry. The Logo Mix gallery is host to lots of very good logo designs destined to the animal companions industry. We've made a selection of the best pet logo designs that are cool and inspiring.

Great diversity, lots of style and a very tight competition to award the top logos posted on The Logo Mix gallery in the month of May 2011. From simple, monochromatic shapes to complex, multi layered designs, we've tried to cover and appreciate a wide range of logo designs and identify the ones that impressed us the most. Check out this great selection with the best logo design posted on The Logo Mix gallery in the month of May 2011 and I'm sure you'll find them truly inspiring.

So far we've featured all kind of team sports logos. Today I will start a series that will feature the brands that facilitates their performance.

Can a dog or a car be in a post about leaves in logo design? The answer is affirmative if we're talking about an eco pup or a eco car. A green leaf will make any logo design eco these days. Its a symbol that became so powerful that everyone is able to decode its meaning at a mere glance. Besides that, a leaf is a popular symbol, a natural shape that can be designed in thousands of variations without loosing its perception. It is still recognized weather its a simple line design or a complex, detailed one. A leaf stands for life, growth and development, but also for beauty and delicacy. You'll find it used in many forms, in an incredible multitude of designs. Check out this cool selection of leafy logo designs and observe the variety of applications and meaning.

Every designer wants to design a star, figuratively. We all want our logo designs to become famous and have impact, build the foundation of a strong, recognizable brand. Some of us are lucky, talented and inspired enough to manage to do so. Many logo designers use the symbol of a star, to create awesome logos, literally. A star stands for quality, for a goal that needs to be reached or achieved. A star is an eye catcher, and stands for beauty and luminosity. It expresses a higher standard, an ideal and a desired place or state. Check out this cool selection of star logo designs and get inspired to design your own star logo. Literally or figuratively!

You'll have to agree with me that vintage style is in trend these days. Not many logos are done in a pure retro design style, but more logos seem to adopt elements or characteristics of the vintage trend. I've made a selection of the best logo designs that use vintage elements, posted here at the LogoMix gallery and I tried to identify what are the main characteristics used to achieve or to imprint a vintage feel to a logo design. Here is what I've observed. Feel free to approve or disapprove with my list of elements, or to add your own.

World Cups are by far the most promoted and viewed events of our times.

Here are few facts, just to make an idea on how popular these events are.