Pizza Hut - the quest for the flat logo

The large american pizza chain recently unveiled a new logo. It’s flat, round and of course, red.

As we’ve seen with a lot of new logo redesigns, companies tend to follow the trend of simplifying their logos. They mostly do that to stay current - Apple and Google, both push a very clean and relatively flat design for their devices, and believe it or not, the tech world influences a lot the rest of the world.

As it’s usually the case, along with the logo design change, Pizza Hut announced some radical menu changes.

In terms of design, the company still keeps the legendary hut symbol but goes for a toned down color for the red in the logo.

Looking at their logo evolution, I now realize that, in terms of design, the new logo takes a few steps back and borrows from the previous logo designs.

As you can expect, their packaging will be changed as well, and in my opinion, in this particular case, I don’t mind the logo nor the packaging change.

What do you think of the new logo?