Logo Of The Month - April 2013

May is here and we're back with a new Logos of the Month selection. Given that the number of logo designs added to the logo gallery in April was huge, we've had a hard time picking just ten logos. We have decided than instead of just having 10 best logos, we will expand the selection and create a longer logo design list.

Stewbum & Stonewall Logo by Miloš Milovanović

Stewbum & Stonewall Logo

The logo for Stewbum@Stonewall Brewing Company has some good elements: the shape of the logo (you could imagine it going well on a bottle of beer), good choice of fonts. A good image was chosen to visualize what drinking beer is associated with: the cheerful mood of the people drinking beer together, the abundance of the drink which is overflowing, people being friendly and inviting. The lack of colors is a good thing also, making up for the many details which could feel a bit too many if they were colored.

The logo is very revealing, maybe a bit too revealing, a bit too complicated. It could be hard to remember it.

Monster? cat by sicasimada

Monster? cat logo is a cleverly designed logo design. You would think it is a cat but it may well be the head of a monster with an open mouth and two sets of tiny but well sharpened teeth. Good choice of fonts too, although the use of the question mark in it is a bit unusual to say the least. It is a simple logo, quite easy to remember and describe, even if hard to "decipher" from the first. The lack of colors is adequate, as it pictures a black cat which again is clever, given the meaning of the symbol.

I'm reminding the potential clients that this logo design concept is unused and is available for purchase.

Wine Twist by Juves

wine twist logo: good choice of fonts and colors. Nice synchronization of the gradient in the symbol and in the company name. The gradient of the color red from light red to almost black makes me think of the variety of red wines from the white to the almost red-black wines.

The twist could convey a double meaning - a more literal and obvious one which describes the motion used to pull the cork out of a bottle containing wine - with the anticipation it builds; or a more subtle one - eccentricity, unconventionality even genius. It looks simple and unique and easy to remember.

Pollito by Carlos Puentes

Pollito logo made for newborn clothing is well designed for the purpose. The image of the mother bird sitting on the nest waiting patiently for the eggs to be hatched while in the meantime is knitting clothes for the little ones is well chosen to convey the image of clothing made for newborns in a most affectionate and caring manner. The mellow colors and the choice of fonts are very good.

I am quite against tags, so I'd go without one - especially in the case of this logo that consists of an image which already is self-explanatory.

Lonely Boat Productions by Carlos Puentes

Lonely Boat Productions logo is a good concept. It captures the gloomy mood usually associated with loneliness. There is a subtle indication in the boat that is indeed unused, but still has two seats and is on the water, ready to leave. A well balanced logo with nice choice of fonts and clever lack of colors.

Pulse by Brand-Book

Pulse Logo is a logo design for a karaoke-bar. It is a very clever design, relevant. The concept of the two glasses giving the musical notes shadow is very original, very creative. The fonts are well chosen. It would be hard to choose colors for this logo design, I agree, but still, a karaoke-bar logo could be a bit colorful, given the type of the business it stands for. The tag line could pe discarded. The image and the name of the company is far from being obscure, it doesn't need more explanation.(though, I admit, it is a catchy tag).

Mary Sheep by YanaMakarevich

The hairdresser logo, Mary Sheep is... how to say?... an interesting logo. It has great aspects - like the choice of characters and the choice of the "tag-line". I probably would go for only that if I were the hairdresser. The sheep image could be offensive in some cultures, like the one I come from ( in which sheep are associated with silly people that don't think for themselves and let others who lead do the thinking and the shearing :D). Obviously this wasn't intended to offend anybody, but to hint at that laid-back time when the personal hairdresser is at work "shearing" the pile of hair on her customer's head while taking the time to chat and gossip about the little things that make up our lives. It does a great job in communicating subtly the idea that cutting hair means so much more than that, it means socializing, having a good time, getting new good looks.

Cyber Coffee by Christian Castro Antolin

Some notes on Cyber Coffee logo. Good choice of colors. Nice, suitable fonts, of a good size.The symbol of the coffee cup made of electric circuit lines is very inspired, very creative. A simple, memorable logo.

Sahara Restaurant by Abhishek Gupta

Some notes on Sahara Restaurant logo design. Good choice of colors, the colors of the desert. The cactus symbol that gives a fork shadow is clever. The sun, the cactus, the shadow, the dunes could mean a lot of things to remember in a logo but it kind of encapsulates the idea well. The fonts are also a happy choice.

Venice Restaurant by Abhishek Gupta

The Venice Restaurant Logo has some worth noting aspects. The iconic boat, the gondola, which is the traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat, is a relevant, appropriate symbol. The fork at the top of the stern, dominating the image is a good addition to the boat. The shape of the logo is an interesting choice... It looks very much like a stamp, a very stylish one, though. The words are a bit too small for my taste, good choice of fonts though. I would probably do a little research concerning the colors. Venice is a very colorful city, I'd probably go for a brighter/more specific color.

Bellaroma by Juves

Some notes on bellaroma logo design. We aren't told what the logo is for but from the symbol we can tell that it has to do something with coffee, could be a coffee shop. There's a good, abstract, dynamic symbol of a coffee cup with steam coming out of it in form of two people dancing, interacting. Good choice of fonts. A simple, memorable logo. Thank God, no tag!

Rabia by Muamer Adilovic

Some notes on Rabia logo design. Stylish fonts, of a good size. The "R" made of the needle and the thread is very inspired, it does tell of the intricate, elaborate craft, of the painstaking work involved in fashion design. It is a simple, memorable logo. White on black is also inspired, black in fashion world being considered versatile and flexible.

Mammoth Pub by Cedrik Ferrer

A few notes on Mammoth Pub Logo. The symbol used - that of a foamy pint of beer, the foam and the handle looking like a mammoth - is very clever. The colors, not too many. It is a simple, memorable logo. The choice of fonts could have been better. This one looks too formal, too serious for a pub.

Frontemar by Brand-Book

Frontemar Logo is a logo design made for a waterfront art cafe. It is a good, relevant logo concept, suitable for the business for which it stands. The symbol of the impossible bottle which is a ship in the bottle serves well the type of the cafe it was made for: an art cafe which is situated by the water. The "vinum" in the tag line kind of emphasises the fact that there is wine in the menu, among other things, which again makes the choice of the symbol a happy one. Good choice of fonts and color red. "Wine and other things" in latin is very well thought to make the tag as compact as possible, although it also could be viewed as an unecessary load to the already rich in meaning symbol. Also I think it could go without the stars.

I love beer by Juves - Logo Of The Month

Nice use of color and good choice of fonts. The concept of the beer cap in the shape of the heart is indeed original. The out-of-shape cap indicates that there is an open bottle of beer somewhere, there is cheerfulness, laid-back people gathered. It is simple and memorable. It does have the makings of a timeless logo, also, I couldn't think of any change in it over time.

Congratulations to Juve for this memorable logo and for getting the Logo Of The Month Award for April 2013.