Interview with logo designer Felix Diaconu

We're back, alive and kicking with designers' interview here at The Logo Mix, and this time we're featuring a young logo designer, young not only by age, but also by the short period of time since he's joined the logo designers' guild. With a background in Economics, designing logos only from a couple of years ago, Felix has already made an impact, his logo work being recognized by prestige galleries such as the Logolounge and featured around the logo design community websites. He's also won The Logo of the Month, here at The Logo Mix a couple of times with the well known "OKstag" and the lovely "Polar Bear", so he's already inspired and is well appreciated by our gallery visitors. Felix has been kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions for us and here you can enjoy the resulting interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what made you become a logo designer and how did you start your career?

Hi guys, my name is Felix and I'm a 25 years old Romanian fellow, with a passion for logos, which started in late 2010. I started designing logos by accident,  a fortunate one, mostly for contests, or just for fun.


Where do you find inspiration to create such great logos?

Inspiration usually comes to whomever is looking for it! A clear, relaxed mind, a nice deep breath of fresh air, if possible, in these polluted cities. Even a nice word or thought from someone, can do the trick! Practically, inspiration comes from all around, you just need to "open" your eyes. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't.  That simple!


Can you describe your logo creation process?

Well, there is nothing out of the ordinary regarding the process of designing logos, as far as I am concerned. Usually it all begins in my head, and, no matter my location, I draw a rough sketch of the logo. By rough I mean really rough, since my hand drawing skills need improvement! :) After that, Adobe Illustrator is my only tool for designing logos.


How do you deal with creative blocks?

Blocks happen! Everyone just has to deal with it! What I usually do is try to design something that I love, purely without any stress, just for fun!


What do you think makes a great logo?

There hasn't been given any definitions to a "great logo", just yet! But, I guess a good logo needs to be original, creative, very well executed and, last but not least, it needs to send a clear message to whomever is watching it!


What do you think are your best logos so far and why?

"Polar Bear" logo is a precious design to me since I, quite often, find myself experiencing a mixture of feelings, pretty much like the cold colors of the background in opposition to the softer, friendlier shape of the polar bear.

"Bulldozer" logo is a simple design, yet it shows a great amount of power and elegance, at the same time!

"OKStag" is what I like to call, a pure inspirational logo! It just hit me to morph the horns of a stag into a hand.

"Moonfly" depicts a negative space butterfly. I love negative space logos… truly very hard to execute, but remarkably awesome. I have to mention Peter Vasvari for his amazing "negative space" logos!

"Mack Wack" the duck is one of my first, ever designed logos! First love's never forgotten!


What other design work do you do besides logo design?

I just started working for a software company in Romania, as a web designer. Mainly website templates and other UI graphic elements.

Where can people see your work?

What advice would you give for aspiring logo designers?

Love truly what you do, and work hard!