Ice Hockey Logos - Part 2

Winter is getting closer each day so it only seems appropriate to go further with some ice hockey logos in our sports logo section. Today we'll have hockey logo designs that teams from Northeast and Northweast divisions take pride in.

Is it just me or would you agree that the Canadian hockey teams have better logo designs than the American ones? At least some of them. Ottawa Senators logo seems to be my favourite. Vancouver Canucks is also aggressive and well designed. I must admit though that Buffalo Sabres and Colorado Avalanche keep up to the competition.

Anyway, ice hockey is a team game that only lately i got to watch, enjoy and partly understand. The ice hockey logos though seem to look better on apparels than stand alone. Enjoy!

Eastern Conference

Northeast Division

Toronto Maple Leafs


Montreal Canadiens


Boston Bruins


Buffalo Sabres


Ottawa Senators


Western Conference

Northwest Division

Edmonton Oilers


Colorado Avalanche


Vancouver Canucks


Calgary Flames


Minnesota Wild