Enhance your creativity - the right side of the brain

Logo design is a highly creative activity and more often than not, we as logo designers run out quickly of creative ideas. I see creativity as a cup - whenever you use it, you empty the cup and of course, at one point, your cup will end up being empty.

Let's explore a few ways to refill this creativity cup and be more creative.

The right brain

As you probably know, whenever one is engaged into a creative activity - designing a logo, playing music or painting for example, one uses mostly his right brain hemisphere - it's the part of the brain that's usually in charge with creative activities.


While playing music during your design activity seems helpful, some researchers argue that the best way to be productive at something is to actually focus on that task only. Multitasking, it seems, does not really help our brain. Instead, one of the secrets to be more creative, is actually to cultivate your focus.

However, focusing on just doing a design task is not going to help replenish your creativity - iIt will help your productivity for sure. Focusing on other related activities will help replenish that lost creativity though.


Make sure you plan and set aside time to engage in reading, and focus on doing just that. It's magical how reading boosts creativity by taking the words and building amazing mind images using the ideas, characters and the storyline. If you can, avoid using a digital device to read. Immerse yourself into the story, and let the story take over.


What do you imagine when you hear the words "music listening"? Most people imagine using a smartphone, jogging or doing some other activity and having music playing continuously in the background. However, music was not meant to be consumed like that.

"Back in the day", there used to be people that took time to "just" listen to music, isolate themselves and spend quality time trying to get into the mood of an album rather than just a song.

Consume art

It shouldn't come as a surprise that if you expose yourself to various art forms you will gain tremendously. Bookmark logo design galleries like this site, follow famous logo designers, but don't limit yourself to just that. Explore related areas like print design, typography, get into the habit of taking a trip to an art gallery and absorb the work of the masters. Street art festivals are great for exploring different art styles and be inspired by other artists.

Take notes

Have a notebook ready whenever you move - sketch, doodle, copy on paper. Don't forget your camera either - having a smartphone nowadays it's so handy! Take pictures when you see interesting things that inspire you - logos, designs, interior designs or colors. Capture everything so you can get back to those things that were interesting to you. Who knows what will spark your imagination?


At the end of the day, though, a logo designers is a person and the best advice I've ever got is "to be moderate". Don't over do it. Don't over work yourself, don't over relax yourself. Find balance in what you do and make sure you focus on the bright side of things and change the things you can change in your life.