Cool Photography Logos

I've always loved photographers, especially the ones that step up and go beyond in exploring and surprising something that you wouldn't have seen in a moment or scene before. Photography is a very personal and subjective business and as a designer it is alway interesting and fun to design a logo for a photography artist or studio, mainly because you need to identify that special element that makes the photographer unique. Here is a handful of logo designers that managed to do a great job in designing cool photography logos.

High Contrast Photography Logo by Gareth Hardy


Jenny Semenova Photography Logo by Alexey


Photo Carrier Logo by Saurabh


Shootmydog Logo by Sean O'Grady


Cake Film Logo by Alen Pavlovic


The Sweetest Days Logo by Euan Mackenzie


Zakochani w Fotografii Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


Beautiful Ambition Pictures Logo by tass


Blossom Photo Logo by Arnas Goldbergas


Petfoto Logo by uneekGrafix


Ecopics Logo by Alen Pavlovic